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Hey! That Guy’s Dressed Like a Giant Mexican Hot Dog!

October 28, 2010
Burguesa Burger's Charles Ballard dressed like a Mexican hot dog

Do not be alarmed when you see this man. Instead, ask him how to get a $5 Mexican hot dog combo!


If you happen to be driving past Fort Worth and Sylvan avenues Friday morning, you might see this guy standing on the corner, passing out flyers for $5 Mexican hot dog combos at Burguesa Burger. The man behind the mask is chief progress officer Charles Ballard, and he’s hitting the streets dressed like a hot dog to get people pumped about Burguesa’s Hallo-wiener promotion. For two days only (October 29-30), we’re offering two Mexican hot dogs, fries, and a medium drink for just $5—a savings of $3.25! He’ll be in Oak Cliff bright and early, then he’ll head over to Renaissance Tower to catch the breakfast crowd there. If you miss him in the morning, he’ll return to Oak Cliff in the afternoon. Happy Hallo-wiener!


Burguesa Burger Celebrates Mexican Independence Day on September 16

September 9, 2010
Mexican hot dog, with grilled tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos, at Burguesa Burger

The Mexican hot dog: it ain't pretty, but it sure tastes good.

To commemorate Mexican Independence Day, Burguesa Burger is hosting a celebración on September 16, 2010. September 16 (diez y seis de Septiembre) is an important date in Mexican history. On that day in 1810, a war for independence began that would eventually free Mexico from Spanish rule. This year is the bicentennial of Mexican Independence Day. 

During the festivities, Burguesa is giving away Mexican hot dogs to the first 200 guests at each location. (Why 200? Because it’s the bicentennial, of course!) Mexican hot dogs are bacon-wrapped franks stuffed inside a toasted bun and topped with grilled tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños. Every Mexican hot dog also comes with Burguesa’s creamy special sauce. After September 16, Mexican hot dogs will become a permanent fixture on the Burguesa menu. 

In addition, Burguesa is giving away a free combo to any guest wearing a sombrero. Just be prepared to get your picture taken—and expect said photo to end up on our Facebook wall. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. But we know you’re a good sport.

Free Fries With Purchase at the Downtown Dallas Burguesa in Exchange for Your Business Card

August 4, 2010

But you’d better hurry! This deal is only good through Friday, August 6, at the Renaissance Tower tunnel location in downtown Dallas. Drop off your business card with purchase, and your fries—regular or spicy—are on us. We say get ’em spicy and dip ’em in our special sauce. Delicioso!

Free Limeade With Purchase on Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2010

Happy first birthday, Burguesa Burger! Help us celebrate our one-year mark on Cinco de Mayo and get a free limeade with purchase. See you this Wednesday, May 5!