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Happy New Year From Burguesa Burger!

January 3, 2011

happy new year from burguesa burger
Behold, a 20X20 (20 patties and 20 cheese slices) and an 11X11 La Monumental! All of us at Burguesa Burger wish you a happy and prosperous new year.


Burguesa Burger Helps Chicago Students Learn Spanish

December 14, 2010

8th grade spanish class at medinah christian school

Back in October, Burguesa Burger founder and chief burger officer Jeff Sinelli was in Chicago to present at Restaurant Hospitality’s New Directions Conference. He had a few leftover menus, so his brother, Todd, delivered the extras to Rebecca Domke at Medinah Christian School, in Medinah, Illinois. Domke teaches middle school Spanish, and her 8th-graders have been studying food and nutrition terms as well as how to interact in a restaurant. She decided to give the menus to her students to play restaurant.

“My intention was to only do this one class period, and I used the menus because they had many of the food terms and grammatical structures we had already been learning throughout the year,” says Domke. “However, upon seeing the menus, my students immediately realized, ‘Hey, these are, like, REAL,’ and we’ve been doing this activity during a portion of every class since. Being connected to real-life Spanish has really motivated them, and I have had more than one of my colleagues ask me about what the students tell them is, ‘The best thing we’ve done in school,’ ‘My favorite thing ever,’ and ‘The most fun we’ve had so far this year.’

My students’ only additional request has been real food! Oh yeah—and maybe a Burguesa Burger around here where they can actually order the Monumental burgers they keep reading about!”

Wow. The Original Mexican Burger has made quite an impact in the Windy City!

Hey! That Guy’s Dressed Like a Giant Mexican Hot Dog!

October 28, 2010
Burguesa Burger's Charles Ballard dressed like a Mexican hot dog

Do not be alarmed when you see this man. Instead, ask him how to get a $5 Mexican hot dog combo!


If you happen to be driving past Fort Worth and Sylvan avenues Friday morning, you might see this guy standing on the corner, passing out flyers for $5 Mexican hot dog combos at Burguesa Burger. The man behind the mask is chief progress officer Charles Ballard, and he’s hitting the streets dressed like a hot dog to get people pumped about Burguesa’s Hallo-wiener promotion. For two days only (October 29-30), we’re offering two Mexican hot dogs, fries, and a medium drink for just $5—a savings of $3.25! He’ll be in Oak Cliff bright and early, then he’ll head over to Renaissance Tower to catch the breakfast crowd there. If you miss him in the morning, he’ll return to Oak Cliff in the afternoon. Happy Hallo-wiener!

Joe Milton Peters Loves La Monumental(s)

September 28, 2010
burguesa burger fan joe milton peters eats three la monumentals
Third La Monumental is a charm!

Joe recently ate three La Monumentals in a row at the Fort Worth Avenue location in Dallas. Can you beat that?

Read What Our Guests Are Saying About Burguesa Burger

June 28, 2010


Burguesa Burger in Oak Cliff, Texas

The Oak Cliff Burguesa Burger team.


We here at Burguesa Burger headquarters love compliments, and they’ve been streaming in from folks who are frequenting our newest locations in Oak Cliff and McAllen. Below, a few highlights:

“My lovely wife, Eva, and I just experienced a dinning event like no other at the new Burguesa Burger in McAllen. We were pleasantly surprised at the traditional burger partnered with our well-loved Mexican ingredients. Our Monumental combo was of superb taste and quality, the service was prompt and friendly, and the place was noticeably clean and rustic. We also enjoyed meeting Manny, and it’s quite obvious that he is a great asset to your company. Accept our wishes for continual success.”
 —Ricardo Carranza

“La Monumental is an excellent burger! I also wanted to mention that the service was fast and friendly. This was our first time to eat at Burguesa [on Fort Worth Avenue], and it won’t be the last.” —Barry Boatman

“If you aren’t familiar with Burguesa, it’s now in the ’hood, and you will freakin’ love it. How great is it to live in Texas where you can not only get the best margaritas in the country but you can also get a Mexican hamburger that’s unlike anything you’ve had before. Seriously, my husband and I had been raving about the Burguesa by UT Southwestern on Inwood Road, but now there’s one on Fort Worth Avenue, too! Go try the Monumental Jr. and get the spicy fries with special sauce for dipping. They even have veggie burgers as an option in the $2.50 kids meal! There are cute wooden booths and a cheery orange interior for the fam. I’m stoked.” —Ashley Bull

“I live a few blocks from your new McAllen location, and I have had your breakfast tacos every morning since you opened. They are fantastic, and your burgers are to-die-for! I’ve recommended you to all of my clients, friends, and family. Keep up the good work! Your head cashier is simply amazing—very friendly and super quick.” —Chris Dominguez

Let It Snow!

February 13, 2010