Denton is Ready for Battle

September 12, 2012 by Arts-Life-Editor
North Texas Daily

Man vs La Monumental

Trent Johnson / Intern

Burguesa Burger of Denton will host its first La Monumental burger-eating contest Saturday at 11 a.m.

While the contest has been held at several of the restaurant’s other Texas branches, the owners of the company decided to spread some contest fever and introduce the event to the Denton restaurant.

“This will be the first one in Denton,” Burguesa General Manager Rodrigo Santiago said. “And the idea came up when two guys in the bar at our North Oak Cliff location just began to see who could eat more burgers. So we timed it and we decided to make it an event.”

The objective of the event is to find out which contestant can eat the most La Monumentals in five minutes.

The La Monumental contains two beef patties, a crunchy tostada, ham, cheese, refried beans and more. It is topped with a jalapeño pepper that the contestants are required to eat.

Winners and other contestants in the past have tackled the task with better results than originally expected.

“Last year, in Oak Cliff, there were seven contestants and the winner ate four and a half burgers, with a tiny girl finishing second with about four and a quarter,” Santiago said. “The turnout to last year’s Oak Cliff event was great.”

While pride will be on the line for the contestants, Burguesa will also award a television to the winner, a gift card to the runner-up and a Burguesa shirt for all the contestants.

“Trying to eat it that fast, in five minutes, is kind of ridiculous,” Burguesa employee Aaron Raper said. “Anyone that can eat the most burgers in that amount of time definitely deserves a TV. I mean I can only eat one La Mounmental.”

The contest requires that at least three people participate, but only one person has signed up as of Wednesday. However, the deadline to sign up has been extended to the morning of the event. Those interested in signing up must pay their $15 registration fee at the Denton location.

The eating contest takes place once a year and serves as a celebration of Mexican Independence Day.

“With Mexican Independence Day being on Sept. 16, we just try to use the Saturday that is closest to the holiday,” Santiago said. “Last year we made 50 hamburgers for the event, and the year just gives us time to prepare for the event because it does take a lot of work.”

Because of the hamburgers and prizes, customers are excited about the event.

“I don’t know how people eat one, but I think it’s a great idea especially because of the college aspect,” Burguesa customer and sociology junior Hannah Armstrong said. “I think people will definitely take notice and get excited.”


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