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Texas Monthly Hearts Burguesa Burger

January 23, 2011

Burguesa Burger milkshakesMany thanks to the editors at Texas Monthly, who added Burguesa Burger to the list of recommended restaurants in McAllen. Among TM’s favorites: La Monumental (natch) and our milkshakes, which are “charmingly topped with a small doughnut.” We are honored!


Burguesa Burger Signs Agreement To Open Six More Stores in Rio Grande Valley

January 11, 2011
Burguesa Burger in McAllen, Texas

Burguesa Burger in McAllen, Texas. Expect more locations in the Rio Grande Valley soon!

As part of an overall growth strategy to expand into U.S.-Mexico border towns, Burguesa Burger® Franchise Inc. recently signed a deal with Eddie Burger, LLC, to open six more restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley. Eddie Burger president Nicky Runnels operates the Burguesa Burger in McAllen, the first Burguesa outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. This new agreement will bring the total number of restaurants in RGV to eight.

Burguesa Burger, the Original Mexican Burger, was a hit in McAllen from the moment it opened its doors, thanks to its commitment to authenticity and unique Mexican-influenced flavors. Burguesa Burger uses Mexican brands, products, and ingredients—from buns to beverages—which helped institutionalize the concept. In addition to its popularity with local burger lovers, Burguesa has received rave reviews from the local media, including The Monitor and Univision.

“The community and neighborhood have been great supporters of our restaurant,” says owner Nicky Runnels, who was born and raised in McAllen and whose family has been in business in the Rio Grande Valley for three generations. “Burguesa Burger represents something different for those craving a great burger while satisfying the taste profiles of our market. There are many unique qualities of this concept—from the special sauce and spicy fries to Burguesa Burger’s cane-sugar sodas. We pride ourselves on what we do differently from other burger restaurants. We look forward to expanding in the Rio Grande Valley and hope to open our second store within the next few months.”

“I’m stoked that Nicky is going to lead our expansion in the Rio Grande Valley,” says Burguesa Burger founder Jeff Sinelli. “Nicky is a patient, diligent young businessman with strong ties to the McAllen community and surrounding areas. He learned how to run a successful business from his father, and that pedigree will ensure his success. Now that he’s picked the right racehorse—Burguesa Burger—he’ll be first to the finish line.”

Happy New Year From Burguesa Burger!

January 3, 2011

happy new year from burguesa burger
Behold, a 20X20 (20 patties and 20 cheese slices) and an 11X11 La Monumental! All of us at Burguesa Burger wish you a happy and prosperous new year.