Burguesa Burger Helps Chicago Students Learn Spanish

8th grade spanish class at medinah christian school

Back in October, Burguesa Burger founder and chief burger officer Jeff Sinelli was in Chicago to present at Restaurant Hospitality’s New Directions Conference. He had a few leftover menus, so his brother, Todd, delivered the extras to Rebecca Domke at Medinah Christian School, in Medinah, Illinois. Domke teaches middle school Spanish, and her 8th-graders have been studying food and nutrition terms as well as how to interact in a restaurant. She decided to give the menus to her students to play restaurant.

“My intention was to only do this one class period, and I used the menus because they had many of the food terms and grammatical structures we had already been learning throughout the year,” says Domke. “However, upon seeing the menus, my students immediately realized, ‘Hey, these are, like, REAL,’ and we’ve been doing this activity during a portion of every class since. Being connected to real-life Spanish has really motivated them, and I have had more than one of my colleagues ask me about what the students tell them is, ‘The best thing we’ve done in school,’ ‘My favorite thing ever,’ and ‘The most fun we’ve had so far this year.’

My students’ only additional request has been real food! Oh yeah—and maybe a Burguesa Burger around here where they can actually order the Monumental burgers they keep reading about!”

Wow. The Original Mexican Burger has made quite an impact in the Windy City!


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