Hey! That Guy’s Dressed Like a Giant Mexican Hot Dog!

Burguesa Burger's Charles Ballard dressed like a Mexican hot dog

Do not be alarmed when you see this man. Instead, ask him how to get a $5 Mexican hot dog combo!


If you happen to be driving past Fort Worth and Sylvan avenues Friday morning, you might see this guy standing on the corner, passing out flyers for $5 Mexican hot dog combos at Burguesa Burger. The man behind the mask is chief progress officer Charles Ballard, and he’s hitting the streets dressed like a hot dog to get people pumped about Burguesa’s Hallo-wiener promotion. For two days only (October 29-30), we’re offering two Mexican hot dogs, fries, and a medium drink for just $5—a savings of $3.25! He’ll be in Oak Cliff bright and early, then he’ll head over to Renaissance Tower to catch the breakfast crowd there. If you miss him in the morning, he’ll return to Oak Cliff in the afternoon. Happy Hallo-wiener!


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